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Gianni Bodo, Fade to Rose review

Hey look at this, I was just given an album to review!

Gianni Bodo’s newest album “Fade to Rose”

This album is a romantic epic. It starts with an exceedingly interesting intro, which has a kind of appropriated sound that is sprinkled throughout the album. From there it fluidly transitions into the next track, where intense and breathy lyrics guide the listener through what they can expect for the next 40 or so minutes. Lyrics of love and life, things that I usually skip fairly quickly when looking for something new on an iTunes radio station or the Spotify/Pandora equivalents. However, there is a melodic epic-ness that flows just beneath the surface of a lot of the songs that pops out of the ground in the form of a bass drum kick or quite synths— these really add life to portions of songs that would otherwise be dull and dragging.

The moments like the halfway point of At the Top of the World are great and extremely high energy, they then slip back into the melodic, lullaby tone of the rest of the album. It’s a very pleasant collection of songs that I think will appeal to a very broad audience.

Montreal is the strongest song on the album, with the exception of the intro sequence which I actually listened to a few times on repeat. Though at times the lyrics bordered on trite, the album was pretty good, it is something that I think a lot of people will enjoy. All you John Mayer and Jason Mraz fans out there will probably like this artist and album. (I am not saying that Gianni Bodo sounds like these two musicians, just that I think their audiences would overlap quite well.)



“Now, you’ve become your own satellite,

in orbit around all that’s close to you.

So you send a message to sea,

in hope of reaching out to someone just like you.

It’s said ‘if you search you will find a wonder that sparks a child’s will to be free…”


I’m not sure how I feel about the flowery nature of the lyrics. I can see them being part of a wrist tattoo on a girl somewhere though.


Fade to Rose is a strong, coherent album that will appeal to a broad audience and really be a diamond in the rough for fans of singer songwriters whose lyrics are rooted in love and romance.


While the album is very good and many people will enjoy it more than I did…

…I personally give this album a rating of 2 out of 4 Buscemis.

2 buscemis



Excuses. Thrones. Delts.

There is an epidemic of addiction running through the United States. It has been gaining momentum since 2011, well documented and something that is both applauded and criticized by the masses. Regardless, it was being talked about and I decided that I would partake in what everyone was talking about. I don’t consider myself to have an addictive personality by any means – I didn’t think there was any way this indulgence would affect my life.

I watched Game of Thrones.

I watched all of Game of Thrones.

I watched all of the first four seasons of Game of Thrones.

I watched all of the first four seasons of Game of Thrones in three days.

By the old Gods and the new I didn’t sleep, I skipped meals and I smelled like a wildling. It was almost shocking the downward spiral my life took after taking the first hit of “Thrones.”

I grew up reading and watching Lord of the Rings, hell I even chose what college I went to partially because of Aragorn and I’m not entirely proud of it. I, along with 90% of all guys and gals my age couldn’t stop watching the show. I even listened to the books at the gym.

Thanks to pirates all of this was free, this would have been as expensive as more physically destructive addictions had I paid for the seasons collected or the audio books on iTunes.

*I don’t condone piracy

*I did pay for A Game of Thrones in book form.

*All of this is partially responsible for there being no new content although I promised there would be…

…however, a Lannister always pays their debts and so do I.


Tyrion Lannister Flexing


Conforms- new video collage- morbid feels for ya’ll.

I stayed up for a long time, drank the remainder of a 6-pack of strange German beer and listened to a lot of Jose Gonzalez iTunes radio while reading some Denis Johnson and Charles Bukowski. My computer threw a popup in my face letting me know that there had been an update to premiere, a program I hadn’t used in a long time. I decided I would take one of the morbid, poorly written poems that I did a few weeks back that was waiting to be deleted or reworked and make a video bringing together everything about it and the things that I was putting into my head at that moment.

The road is where my feet aren’t

they don’t move, but they aren’t

still. Dogs are barking in the distance, far away from where i am.

Loyalty is deeply imbedded in the soul of a dog—

men and dogs and beasts and cowards;

building walls, breaking them down, healing, killing.

it matters.

Tomorrow will be no different for you or me

today isn’t the present.

should we just conform?


(replicate separately – EM)



New Things on the Horizon!


Times they are a'changin'. Removing the past and inundating yourself in the future is key. Screw the present.

Times they are a’changin’. Removing the past and inundating yourself in the future is key. Screw the present.


New things are on the horizon! MORE illustrations! MORE reviews! MORE stories and comics! MORE EVERYTHING.

Let me quickly peel this ugly exterior off and we can get started.





Imok Youreok (SLU senior seminar show)

Here are some shots of my work in the St. Lawrence senior SYE art show, Imok Youreok.



Artist Statement:

The human body as a venerated image is the focus of this series. Oftentimes, so much is read into the representation of the human body and body parts. “Baggage” from the viewer’s life is projected onto the work because of the nature of figurative artwork and the responses it invokes.Paint style and stroke help to influence the way artwork is interpreted. In this series, two different visual styles are utilized to help disassociate the viewer with any ideas they may have linked to images relating to the human body. The flat, illustrative paintings are meant to be intentionally void of emotion. The large, wooden cutouts on a three-dimensional surface are flattened by the formal conventions of a more illustrative style.The purpose of this is to bring a literal flattening affect to the more metaphorical flattening that is being attempted by the application of materials and intentional subversion of any pretext.On the other hand, the triptych of paintings with expressive text and aggressive stylistic inclination present the audience with work open to broader interpretation.  Painted on surfaces found in a rubbish bin, these paintings are confined to a surface that dictates their shape and relationship to the world around them.  These paintings are more layered and complicated, which results in the viewer being more engrossed in the subject matter, connecting their ideas with those planted intentionally into the composition.The difference in style that is present within the paintings has the potential to influence the viewer in a way that would cause him or her to fluctuate back and forth between their personal associations and a literal interpretation of the image that they are being presented with. The unity and separation present in these works serves the purpose of creating an alternative to the associative properties the viewer may have already had in relation to images of the human body. Veneration or illustration, the body and its parts are a vessel that has the power to bring about a plethora of emotive responses—this series of works is trying to simplify and expose these responses.


New Stepdad Track

stepdad illustration


It’s happening. So many great bands are releasing new stuff these past 6 months.

Since I learned about Stepdad a little over a year ago, they have been a go to any time I’m hankering for a pick me up. From the visual makeup of the band to the uniquely NOW sound of the songs, there’s nothing NOT to like about Stepdad.

I got pretty excited when I crawled out from under my rock and saw that they had released a little somethin’ somethin’ for the people.


It’s new, it feels a little bit more like Passion Pit (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing I guess…) and it’s ultimately pretty damn good. Wildlife Pop was my favorite album of 2012, so there’s some pretty spacious shoes to fill in the future. I’m a bitter bastard, when I noticed slight changes in this new track I frowned a bit. But then a smile broke through.

Let’s keep those new tunes coming!


Lickin’ Ladies, Laddies.

lickin' ladies


This is a little something something that I did a few weeks ago. If I was a girl,  based on a real person but totally not real, and I saw myself would I lick myself? Would this licking be masterbatory or would it be just homosexual — would Red States hate me for loving the me man woman man lady man? Neat, totally neat. Yep.


Listen to this song and look in the mirror. Listen to this song on repeat and STARE into the mirror. Stare into the mirror for an hour. Then go take a shower, you filthy animal.


Mulder and Smeagol

mulder and smeegz


Binging on the X-Files is one of the greatest things that one can do when sitting at home killing time. Fox Mulder is one of the greatest television characters to ever come into existence. I want to be him– but I don’t. That’s what makes a great character. This illustration is an ode to him and to the majesty that is Smeagol from The Lord of the Rings. What would happen if they met in “real life?”




base(ICK) americana

This collection is an attempt to create an abject vocabulary for pop culture referential conversation. In doing so it treads heavily on grounds that bring about all kinds of sour subjects and touchy issues in the socio-political sphere. To diffuse this angstiness, the overall stylization of the works utilizes a kind of cartoonish whimsy in order to make the harder to swallow imagery more palatable.

These pieces are part of a series called “conversatives.” They are part of a larger collection of works that I am currently in the process of bringing into existence. They are meant to be read as something beyond statement pieces. Like the blabbering of a drunken uncle, they aren’t funny yet they aren’t profound. The purpose of them is to have no purpose whatsoever. They are controversial perhaps because of the juxtaposition of the intentional and unintentional social signifiers but for perhaps nothing more. They are meant to invoke a kind of politically illiterate conversation based on the ramblings of those who are far too literate in political know how to say they things that they do.

The following illustrations are from an ongoing series that shows America’s most grotesque and demented serial killers — with kittens, puppies, flowers and happy unicorns.

The following images are an amalgamation of various American iconographic signifiers. Their purpose is to create a dialogue between the artwork and the viewer that can go down a few predestined paths dependent on the personal persona of the viewer and their current frame of mind. Ok… some of them WERE created to portray iconic signifiers counter to their tradition or normative manner of depiction– take it or leave it, yo.

Along with all of these pieces, there is also the inclusion of many lil creatures and critters to lighten the tone and make the inner child-man (man-child) smile and giggle.


Punk Rock Jesus is The Best Thing This Week.

The best thing this week is Sean Murphy’s Punk Rock Jesus


Back in August, I picked it up before going on a long road trip from Central New York to Kansas. The main reason for me buying it was because of the title’s novelty as well as the stunning artwork of Sean Murphy. I didn’t know what to expect from the story, I was expecting something darkly humorous or maybe a campy jab at modern religious zealotry. While there are  jabs and every now and then the intensity of the story borders on too much, the entirety of the work is gripping and completely engrossing. The theatre of plot is thick and builds off of a massive amount of real world issues ranging from the religious/political conflict in Ireland, to conservative media fanaticism in America to the unbelievability of religion based on the norms of modern scientific fact.

Being a fan of bands like The Dead Kennedys, The Casualties, Anti-Flag and the likes, I really loved the insidery nature of some of the punk rock references. Having been forced through sunday school as a kid, I also enjoyed the religious undertones to the story and journey of Sean Murphy’s Jesus.

For the size of the book, I was suprised how fast I read it– not because it’s short, but because I literally couldn’t put it down. You find yourself really caring about the characters and really despising the “villains.” Because of that the whole thing felt like a modern masterpiece. I would go as far as to say that it’s this generation’s Watchmen.

The book is a masterpiece and because of that it gets a 4/4 Buscemis!!

4 Buscemi Scale