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Batman, Facer of Fears

sad batman

I love the idea that Batman adopted one of his biggest fears and became it. Becoming “the night” though… that’s kind of bullshit. I like to imagine a man who dresses up like a musclebound bat in tights, but is deathly afraid of the dark. It feels like an SNL sketch… have they done this on SNL ‘afore?



Also, I made a drawin’ of a cute lil thing. koala gangster


This could be one of Scaredy-Bat’s villains, Gangster Koala. Cute lil Gotham Zoo boy during the day, bloodthirsty drug dealer by day.




chest of drawers

chest of drawers



For some reason I can’t explain the use of “drawer” to signify one who draws drives me completely insane. They are an illustrator, or an artist, or a kid with a marker drawing dicks on desks. A drawer is something that you put things in, homies.



A consummate fan favorite, good ole Tyrion. I had to whip out this drawing last night to commemorate the man, the myth, the legend…

tyrion 1


Game of Thrones is in full swing, everybody. All kinds of crazy stuff is going down all over the map, from Wildlings up North causing a ruckus to Tyrion and Jorah going on a peaceful boat ride through the calm waters of Valyria. A tribute to the ‘lil lion, Tyrion Lannister – God of Tits and Wine.




I don’t want to speculate too much, but if I were a betting man I would have to say Jorah is going to straight up turn into a golem and Tyrion is going to have to summon Drogon from the skies to fight him off. After the battle is over, Tyrion will climb onto Drogon’s back (totally subscribing to the theory that he is a Targaryen) and fly to Cancun. The next episode will be cuts back and forth from Jon Snow at the wall to Tyrion living the dream with bikini clad ladies and beer bongs for days.









It’s almost bikini season, and all the Poke’mon are working on their bikini bodz.


jacked pikachu running diglett


… mad gainz, y’all. Mad gainz.



Bikini season is fast approaching, my babies. And, because it is so close it’s important to know that every person is beautiful in their own right. Some of us are a little conflicted with what we have become…

foxy lickatung on white



It’s SUMMER (almost!)




Brite Futures knows how to bring in the sunshine, y’all!

Just Sassin’ Around

sasquatch 1 flat sass colors



I drew a sass, just sassing ’round. I started work on a commissioned illustration, and right around three quarters of the way through realized I hadn’t done anything that the client asked for. The most professional of professionals. Anyhoo, I’ve got one more sass sassing ’round the space.





OMG more modest mouse!!

Oh sweet mother of hell! Modest Mouse is coming out with its sixth full length album. They have released three songs off of “Strangers to Ourselves” online, reminding us what cool bastards they are. You can check them out on Spotify or by clicking here. The full album will be released on March 3rd, you can preorder it here.

I am including the video to “Coyotes” in this post; the song has something new about it, while still tipping its hat to what has made the band’s sound so recognizable. You still get Isaac Brock’s twangy lyricism and bouncy, nautical tone. But, there’s something about the song that just doesn’t seem familiar. The message behind “Coyotes” is a beautiful and poignant commentary on Man’s (primarily American humans) impact on nature and our complete disregard for those who can’t speak for themselves and the planet that we share with them. I’ve heard that the video itself, which is cute as hell, is based on a true story that took place somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. There is a kind of etherial distance in the way the song progresses, and the depressing self introspection that nearly everything Isaac Brock makes is front and center for the entirety of the three and a half minute lullaby. “Mankind’s behaving like serial killers…” drop mic. The album (as far as we know so far) holds on to the things that made “We Were Dead Before the Ship even Sank” in a pretty big way.


The feels are strong in this song, but this doesn’t seem to be the overall tone of the album. Modest Mouse is great at mixing things up and giving you as much to smile about and sing along to as it does give you things that make you stare longingly at the ground and think about what your life. Lampshades on Fire is a wickedly fun song, it really reminds me of March into the Sea and really could fit somewhere on that album like I’ve alluded to– but, it is very much it’s own song. The latest song that has been released from the album onto the interwebs is “The Best Room” which is still even more unique.


Here’s to the album dropping and soaking it all in!


surreal self portrait 1

It’s been a h-while

It’s been a while since I had time to sit (stand) down (up) and do some painting– which is very unfortunate. Times they are a’changing though. I did some work on something that I started a h-while ago, it’s gestating still but soon it will emerge from the gnarly womb of being a work in progress and emerge into the world as something that I can throw up on a wall someday.

dueling portrait


I call it “A Dueling Portrait of Age” it’s all kinds of mixtures. There are a few kinds of paint up on there, two seperate ideas brought together into one painting, and with inspiration being drawn from very disparate artists throughout times hopefully sometime soon it can crisp itself up and do what I want it to. Right?

… yeah, me neither.



Get your daily fix of the man in black, my babies.



buscemi idol 2 illustration


I was recently turned onto the majestic qualities that are inherent in the musical beauty that is Metsatoll.


…this post is under construction.



A lady for you to look at.


I whipped out this illustration tonight, partially inspired by the work of Egon Schiele and his ladies as well as a few comics that I am in the process of ingesting.


Also, I found (again) a neat little mash up of appropriated stuff that I put together with some Tobacco musics.




beard day man


I didn’t know this, but there is a “World Beard Day” now and it’s September 6th. This is going up over a week post because… reasons.

Mark it on your calendars and grow out those facial folicals bcause next year things are going to get hairy.