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for your health.

The human heart beats 10,000 times per day or more. Your fingernails, ears, and nose will always grow unless you get rid of ’em. Cantaloupe is a dumpster fruit. Dogs are better versions of people. You are loved.


for your health brule ship

For your health.



Wish Fulfillment

Next week, on DragonBall Z…

grace kelly dragonball

uno steak and grille.

fuck face idea draft

This is the first in a long line of works that I will be producing that visual express my own energy, my life force, my aura. I am human garbage. I am the lord’s excrement. The champion of filth and degradation of substance.


Become more.

I am starting a religious collective. It is built on the principle that one can transcend their temporal realm and become one with the world around them in a difference sense– in a different state. The point is to go beyond your temporal reality. Embrace time in order to escape it. Stare deep into the abysmal reality that is existence and be released from the shackles of the clock.

This is all brought on through the interaction one has with the mediator between our current state and the great beyond– Sir Nic Cage, our lord’s strong hand.

qr code poster


Pirate Dog Commish

A friend of mine asked me to do an illustration for him– an illustration of a pirate dog, with a cigarette in his mouth holding up a beer. Very specific, very badass.

pirate doge

Have you heard the new FIDLAR stuff? It’s wicked good. Here is an unrelated video related to dogs. (It was a toss up between this and the Dog Days of Summer video by Florence and the Machine. Not too different.)



Oh yeah… also here’s a super sad video by the aforementioned band, y’all.


Let the sadness consume you. Embrace the darkness, my old friend.

sad falling apart jim carrey




me introducing the thing


Here’s the review of the first beer for y’all.

Wells Banana Bread Beer:

Holy tipsy banana boys, Batman. This is a wonky tonk beer, babies. I don’t really know why I even tried this one— I probably decided to try it because my sister told me to. I don’t like banana bread much, this beer is better. If I could drink the things that I don’t like it would be a lot easier. The chewing, it’s the chewing that really screws with my mouth children. They stop their games of four square and just sit down and cry.

This beer is better ‘cuz you don’t have to chew it. Not even a little bit.

Final Verdict: You won’t have to chew this beer.

banana on bread beer bro

But wait, that’s not all! There’s more to come, folks.


Jon Snow Next Season.

Did you guys see the season finale of Game of Thrones last week? I knew what was coming and I was still so pissed at the end of it. The thing that really got me was what a baby back bitch Olly is. See that present-progressive tense I just used? I know things. Jon Snow knows nothing though, unfortunately. Olly sucks, the Night’s Watch sucks, Stannis (no longer) The Mannis sucks *and is dead*.


We all know what we want to see in the next season of Game of Game of Thrones. We want to see Jon Snow coming back as a ravenous ice-man, lusting for the violent death of a small child. Because… fuck you, Olly!

jon snow killing olly

I’ve been doing a kinda thing where I post one illustration a day– but wait, what… OH SHIT! I’m flippin’ the script, my babies.

burrito is love

Oh snap, son! It’s Beefy Bean the Burrito Boy. Hey Beefy B, what’re you looking forward to most this summer? “That’s the easiest thing anyone has ever asked me, bruh. What am I looking forward to most this summer? Beef, beans, brews, bros, babes, boobs, biceps, and the beach. That’s what’s up, bromancer.” satanic corgi


Behold the glory that is the Corgi necromancer’s seal. With the Sigil of Lucifer and Runic text, this seal is sure to summon Satan himself. Baphomet at least…victorian french bulldogAnd last but not least, a goddamn Victorian era French Bulldog. So rad. Such a rad dad.

Three in one post?! Excuse me while I clean the blood and feces off of myself.

Now, enjoy the best scene from any movie ever!







pizza gawd


Behold the glory that is creation, the celestial being from whence all life sprang forth. His mouth, it be the chasm from which the filth and bile of the world hast flowed– his hands are the vehicles from which all things great hath sprang. Beef and bean burritos, taco salad, and pizza with hot dogs in the crust… it is all his creation. Pray to him, yee lowly mortals. For he is your God, he is life.




It’s been a while since I tried to really draw anything anime-y, and I don’t know if I really pulled it off in this attempt. The most important thing is that the world know what power I can posses, if only I am to dance with my buddy John. We become the most abominable power in all the world. We can make those little ghosts that Gotenks makes in Dragonball Z, but ours are like totally little brown fart-bubble people and when they pop it knocks out our foes.

We’re so rad.


john and I fusion as a three panel comic