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New Stepdad Track

stepdad illustration


It’s happening. So many great bands are releasing new stuff these past 6 months.

Since I learned about Stepdad a little over a year ago, they have been a go to any time I’m hankering for a pick me up. From the visual makeup of the band to the uniquely NOW sound of the songs, there’s nothing NOT to like about Stepdad.

I got pretty excited when I crawled out from under my rock and saw that they had released a little somethin’ somethin’ for the people.


It’s new, it feels a little bit more like Passion Pit (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing I guess…) and it’s ultimately pretty damn good. Wildlife Pop was my favorite album of 2012, so there’s some pretty spacious shoes to fill in the future. I’m a bitter bastard, when I noticed slight changes in this new track I frowned a bit. But then a smile broke through.

Let’s keep those new tunes coming!


Lickin’ Ladies, Laddies.

lickin' ladies


This is a little something something that I did a few weeks ago. If I was a girl,  based on a real person but totally not real, and I saw myself would I lick myself? Would this licking be masterbatory or would it be just homosexual — would Red States hate me for loving the me man woman man lady man? Neat, totally neat. Yep.


Listen to this song and look in the mirror. Listen to this song on repeat and STARE into the mirror. Stare into the mirror for an hour. Then go take a shower, you filthy animal.


Mulder and Smeagol

mulder and smeegz


Binging on the X-Files is one of the greatest things that one can do when sitting at home killing time. Fox Mulder is one of the greatest television characters to ever come into existence. I want to be him– but I don’t. That’s what makes a great character. This illustration is an ode to him and to the majesty that is Smeagol from The Lord of the Rings. What would happen if they met in “real life?”




base(ICK) americana

This collection is an attempt to create an abject vocabulary for pop culture referential conversation. In doing so it treads heavily on grounds that bring about all kinds of sour subjects and touchy issues in the socio-political sphere. To diffuse this angstiness, the overall stylization of the works utilizes a kind of cartoonish whimsy in order to make the harder to swallow imagery more palatable.

These pieces are part of a series called “conversatives.” They are part of a larger collection of works that I am currently in the process of bringing into existence. They are meant to be read as something beyond statement pieces. Like the blabbering of a drunken uncle, they aren’t funny yet they aren’t profound. The purpose of them is to have no purpose whatsoever. They are controversial perhaps because of the juxtaposition of the intentional and unintentional social signifiers but for perhaps nothing more. They are meant to invoke a kind of politically illiterate conversation based on the ramblings of those who are far too literate in political know how to say they things that they do.

The following illustrations are from an ongoing series that shows America’s most grotesque and demented serial killers — with kittens, puppies, flowers and happy unicorns.

The following images are an amalgamation of various American iconographic signifiers. Their purpose is to create a dialogue between the artwork and the viewer that can go down a few predestined paths dependent on the personal persona of the viewer and their current frame of mind. Ok… some of them WERE created to portray iconic signifiers counter to their tradition or normative manner of depiction– take it or leave it, yo.

Along with all of these pieces, there is also the inclusion of many lil creatures and critters to lighten the tone and make the inner child-man (man-child) smile and giggle.


Punk Rock Jesus is The Best Thing This Week.

The best thing this week is Sean Murphy’s Punk Rock Jesus


Back in August, I picked it up before going on a long road trip from Central New York to Kansas. The main reason for me buying it was because of the title’s novelty as well as the stunning artwork of Sean Murphy. I didn’t know what to expect from the story, I was expecting something darkly humorous or maybe a campy jab at modern religious zealotry. While there are  jabs and every now and then the intensity of the story borders on too much, the entirety of the work is gripping and completely engrossing. The theatre of plot is thick and builds off of a massive amount of real world issues ranging from the religious/political conflict in Ireland, to conservative media fanaticism in America to the unbelievability of religion based on the norms of modern scientific fact.

Being a fan of bands like The Dead Kennedys, The Casualties, Anti-Flag and the likes, I really loved the insidery nature of some of the punk rock references. Having been forced through sunday school as a kid, I also enjoyed the religious undertones to the story and journey of Sean Murphy’s Jesus.

For the size of the book, I was suprised how fast I read it– not because it’s short, but because I literally couldn’t put it down. You find yourself really caring about the characters and really despising the “villains.” Because of that the whole thing felt like a modern masterpiece. I would go as far as to say that it’s this generation’s Watchmen.

The book is a masterpiece and because of that it gets a 4/4 Buscemis!!

4 Buscemi Scale



The best thing this week.

This is a video of a man in a kilt and Darth Vader mask. This is a video of a man in a kilt, wearing a Darth Vader mask whilst uni-cycling. This is a video of a man in a kilt, wearing a Darth Vader mask whilst uni-cycling playing Star Wars music on a bagpipe. Oh … did I fail to mention the bagpipe is a flame-throwing bagpipe. This is my new religion. This man is God.





There’s something about Tobacco and ninjas on golf courses that I just can’t get enough of.

AND don’t even get me started on 80′s style jazzersizing.

If your week was less than perfect, hopefully this gem will cheer you up, yo.

Also, I was just recently turned onto Demon Queen (I have been living under a cozy little rock for the past few months.) It’s got everything you want; it has sounds, and words, and some riffs if that’s what you’re into.



Elizabeth Warren is the Bee’s knees

Elizabeth Warren seems to get “cooler” every time she talks. Not cool like the Fonz, but cool like somebody who actually cares even though they’re a politician. That in and of itself is totally crazy! A politician who cares? I’ll believe that when the boogeyman gives me a hug, tucks me in at night and reads me “Goodnight Moon.”

But, for real she seems to actually care. She has spoken out again and again for the interests of younger Americans and the things that are slowly choking us and promising us a difficult future. She has given speeches and championed legislation that is meant to help students with the burden of their gargantuan loan debt. She has even gone out on a limb and said, on record, that a debt sentence isn’t what a degree should be known as.

Hell, she even implied that bankers and millionaires aren’t Gods walking among men whom laws don’t apply to.

She’s great and I really hope she runs for president, because she is showing in this Boston Globe article just how awesome she is.

elizabeth warren

Here’s something I created to illustrate (puns) just how “cool” she is and how much she means to the backwards, drainage ditch that is the American political system.

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Pacific Rim Review

pacific rim math

I finally went out and saw Pacific Rim. I don’t know why I didn’t go out and see it. I mean… I love Guillermo Del Toro films. I love robots and I love monsters, the size of these two makes the movie seem more appealing to me. Hell, I even listened to a song by Tribe One called Kaiju on repeat for a week before I went and saw the film. The only thing that would have made the film seem more appealing would be if Betty White riding on a unicorn shooting a flamethrower at a Xenomorph was in the trailers. All that being said, I finally saw the damn movie and….


I couldn’t tell you exactly why it was so good. It could be the perfect balance between entertainment, action, homage to a genre and humor that was struck. Maybe it was just the fact that giant robots versus giants monsters from another dimension fighting and destroying cities is just awesome to watch.  (3D is worth if for the first time in about a bajillion movies released in 3D)

The film is about a bunch of monsters (they are HUGE) and they’re coming through and interdimensional rift somewhere out on the Pacific Rim (imagine that!) Well, they are being total dicks. They’re breaking all kinds of stuff in all the major coastal cities and all kinds of people are killing. Well, don’t worry humanity has built robots to combat these huge monstrosities.

I don’t want to give too much away, but this really is a great movie. Go see it! Or, since I’m so late to jump on the bandwagon, buy it as soon as you can. Charlie Day really steals the show in my opinion. His character is a kind a bumbling “kaiju groupie” scientist who wants to end the kaiju infestation as much as he wants to shrink one down and give it a big hug for being so bad-ass.

The film doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet maintains the exterior of a hardened summer action flick. All the characters are interesting, the environments are beautiful and the story pulls you in from the first second of the film and you never really fall out of it until you’re driving one. (Or maybe you don’t and you drift off the road…. aaaah puns!)

The only thing that I felt was lacking in the film was the monsters themselves. They get plenty of screen time, but I wish they got a little bit more where we can really admire their character design. Maybe it’s just me. I haven’t heard too many complaints about them besides the fact that they all look pretty similar in the beginning.

Now for the rating I give it…

on a scale of 1-4 I give this film….

4 Buscemi ScaleFOUR BUSCEMIS! The film was pretty, it was fun, it had explosions and monsters and robots and cool post-apocalyptic technology. Pacific Rim is the perfect summer blockbuster. Go check it out!


A whole new world

Welcome humans, to the new and “improved” FAT PRESIDENT! Things are under construction something fierce around these here parts — but if you stick around and keep checking in I’m sure you will be pleased by what you find in the near future. The ghost of Taft will be sloshing around in his bathtub, making some really interesting things for you to focus your eye jelly on. You’ll be getting some stories, some animations, some political stuff (comics, blabberings and illustrations) and some stuff to brighten your day and enlighten your brain.

me reading skin deep

I have been reading up on some great art and such… now if only I could figure out how to use this here interwebs.

In the meantime, while this here site looks like a simple blog, I’ll give you a video to watch and it will bring great pleasure to you and your family.


This is the “newest” video from the super awesome band Stepdad. We get the great vocals with some pretty cool animation and we leave the whole experience feeling good about ourselves. Listening to Stepdad is like getting a high five from your best friend. Listening to them and getting to watch a good music video accompanying it is like getting a hug from your grandma. Check them out, pour their music into your ears and enjoy the summer.