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This series of paintings are visually inspired by tattoos, skate decks, and H.R. Giger. Influence from artists in the vein of Rob Israel, Wizard of Barge, and other current lowbrow illustrators come together with illuminations from religious texts and illustrations of crime and punishment through the early Christian church in this series of paintings. These paintings explore control over the masses through paranoia and rhetoric. This particular practice has strong roots in the interwoven history of religion and politics. The stringent control over the people using rhetoric and paranoia spawned persecution of any and all dissidents, a bloody history of politics and religion that not only shunned the outsiders but eliminated them totally. Reactionary philosophies emerged at the end of the 19th century which eventually led to modern satanism, chaos magic, and Discordianism. This series of work is a collection of meditative paintings exploring the ritual of focused will intertwined with body horror in a reflection of the historical connotations of magic and thought associated with the other. These sigils explore the history of rhetoric while embracing the idea of free will and exploration of one’s own reality. 

(gallery under construction)

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